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Decorex Design Encounter 2019

Decorex Design Encounter is part of the Decorex International interior design trade fair held by our client UBM/Informa. The project is to design and curate a journey through the work of six interior designers exhibiting at the Decorex International’s 2019 International Interior Design Show at Olympia London. 

The team developed an immersive and personalised experience using augmented reality technology. By liking products in an AR app during the journey, visitors could reveal different ‘secret gardens’ that reflected their personalities.

Placement project at John Allsopp Studio

London, 2019

Credit to John Allsopp and Sophya Welle

​▲ Concept Introduction Video
​▲ Exhibition Space
​▲ Exhibition Introduction Space
​▲ One of the Exhibition Rooms
​▲ AR APP Interface
​▲ Revealing the Secret Garden Using AR Technology 
​▲ Collaborative Interior Designers Interviews 
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