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Everyone is an Island

Everyone is an Island is an immersive, multi-sensory experience that encourages individual 18–25-year-old university students to explore the balance between solitude and companionship. It is staged at an art warehouse in East London. Visitors reflect on their ways of building relationships in today’s hyper-connected world, where they can sometimes be inundated with social interactions while at other times, they find themselves quite alone. Both situations jeopardise their mental health.

By evoking feelings of over-socialisation and over-isolation in a series of rooms with different atmospheres, Everyone is an Island creates a storyworld for the audience to explore the emotions arising from unwanted socialising or unwanted solitude. As they respond to questions, they are taken on a journey that encourages them to reflect critically on building and sustaining relationships.

Major project at Central Saint Martins

London, 2020

Nong Hua Li and, Shuyue Ren, Interaction design
Rocio B.R. Aloe and Shiyong Zhao, Graphic design
Cathou Averback, James Nasmyth and Jennifer Yang, Concept development
Ciara Amas, Amaani Bokhari, Three Gleave, Harry Jackson, Daniel McGarry, Zac McGarry, Alex Mclouphlin, Eunbi Kim, Phark Lertchanyakul and Yejing Yin, Audio performance
Mandy Liu, Lighting design
Sophya Welle, Fabric technique

​▲ Everyone is an Island Showcase Video
​▲ Visitor in Zone 1 - Social Disconnection
​▲ Entrance of  Zone 1 - Social Disconnection
​▲ Platform in  Zone 2 - Solitary Disconnection
​▲ Text Tags  in  Zone 2 - Solitary Disconnection
​▲ Illustrated Storyboard. Please slide to review
​▲ Material, Lighting and Tech Experiment, in collaboration with the Interactive Architecture Lab at the University of the College London.
​▲ Behind the Scene - Construction of  the final showcase
​▲ Behind the Scene - Soundtrack Recording
​▲ Behind the Scene - Material and Lighting Experiment 
​▲ Behind the Scene - Material and Construction Experiment 
​▲ Behind the Scene - Audience Engagement Experiment 

For more details please read the project booklet below:

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