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MED: Memory in Encode and Decode

MED is an experimental and collaborative choreography project that explores the mechanism of the sensorimotor simulation model in human bodies, that is how emotions and memories are embodied and reactivated through body movements. It is staged at the Michaelis Theatre in the Froebel College, University of Roehampton London.


London, 2021

Binying Gao, Direct & Choreography 
Xiangsong Yang and Junru Tao, Music Composition 
Yi Chen and Wanqi Liang, Light Design
Junru Tao, Set Design & Technician
Tian Xia, Xinyuan Li, Litong Qin, Haowen Shi and Lukas Poischbeg, Performance 

​▲ MED Final Performance Live Recording

More details coming soon...

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