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Pension Town - Suzhou

Pension Town is a redevelopment strategy design of Suzhou old town. Based on the current depressed condition of old town, the design strategy is to invite the pension industry to the town centre, creating a scheme combining social welfare, medical service, commercial industry, innovation industry and the local community. The infrastructure development along with the old building reuse scheme would later collaborate well within the smart city.


As a start of this project, research about the local population, employment rate, industry type were undertaken for the guideline of spatial arrangement and traffic lanes. The end of the project is a study plan of the upcoming research direction, concerning the balance of spatial, social and political development under the pension scheme in the smart city system in the disorganisation process. 

Individual project 

Suzhou, 2017

Credit to Xuyi Wu

截屏2021-01-11 17.29.35.png
​▲ Pension Town Concept Illustration

For full details please read the project booklet below:

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